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David Tan

David is a Life Coach, Osteopath DO and has been passionately exploring self-improvement and the art of healing for the past 25 years.

He was born in 1976 and has been educated and trained in Paris. As a healthcare professional (Osteopath DO and Physiotherapist BSc), he has treated and taken care of over 32,000 patients from 80 different nationalities.
Both his passion for traveling and work took him through more than 70 countries in the past 25 years where he managed to learn, research and experiment many natural methods used by the different cultures to thrive.
His own personal inner journey took him to the practice of meditation, mindfulness and emotional therapies for more than 15 years.
David is also a qualified sports instructor (kitesurfing), Karate Shotokan black belt, and Systema (Russian martial art) instructor.
His trans-disciplinary approach led him to draw out and synthesize the best of the regenerative tools from this world to restore health and vitality.

He helps people to learn to recharge themselves naturally to accomplish their life projects or dreams. This gives meaning to his life and value to his actions.

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Assistant Trainer

Kevin is a certified Action Types practitioner and specializes in profiling behavioral and physical preferences, on which people can rely to know themselves better and optimize their lives. In his daily practice, he helps his patients to connect movement, body and mind in the healing process.

Kevin is an Osteopath DO and a Physiotherapist Bsc since 1996. Expert in sports’ osteopathy, he deals with top athletes in many disciplines.


Assistant Trainer

Axel is a humanitarian logistician and a certified team rescuer. He is lucky to have grown up in several countries and to always have been inspired by their cultures. Axel has always been the discreet link of coordination and organization to make things happen in the best possible way. Driven by nonviolence and peace, he is in constant search for tools to build resilience through healthy, natural and responsive processes. Having at heart the individual freedom of each individual, his focus is to transmit to the greatest number the keys to be fully actor of its own life and to become the best version of oneself.

Working for Life Force

For both Kevin and Axel, joining Life Force was an evident choice. In the world of health, vitality and stress-free practices, Life Force provides high quality training and a bigger picture nowhere else seen in the industry. For them, working with Life Force is thus a way to put their expertise, a unique blend of the most modern tools and ancestral wisdom, at the service of people who deeply yearn to reclaim their vitality and improve their lives in the “here and now”.


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