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Individual coaching

Understanding your life style and environment to better assist you with the integration of our work into your daily life.
. Provide and apply practical tools and techniques to manage your stress and regenerate your health and vitality.
. Individualized video exercises: after each session, you will get your exercises on video format.
. Active learning process to make you autonomous.


. 2 days (discovery), 4 and 6 days (integration);
. Take some time out to reflect on yourself, your life and gain a better clarity of who you are and what it is that you want to achieve in your life;
. Disconnection from the business of the word to find serenity again;
. Practice and integrate simple tools to manage stress;
. Recharge in an atmosphere that reconnects people to themselves, to others and reintroduce them to Nature around.


. Experiential event where we introduce simple and practical life tools in a playful atmosphere for people to recharge themselves naturally;

. Transform and improve your well-being according to your needs and objectives;

. Corporate format and team building to optimize your company and the well-being of your collaborators and your team.


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